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Exhibit Salesand Conference Sponsorships

Connect with prospects and monetize your event with booth purchases, sponsorships, and collateral.

Manage your conference while AdBoom focuses on your revenue.

Exhibiting Excellencein Sales

Partner with AdBoom to acquire advertisers for every aspect of your event. We develop prospect leads, network with potential advertisers at events, and close exhibit sales and sponsorships on your behalf.



AdBoom increases the value of booth space for both your organization and your exhibitors.


We create tiered packages and develop options for generating revenue, such as…

  • Signage for internet cafes, dining areas, and entryways.
  • Networking receptions, lunches, socials, and training sessions.
  • Collateral, including name tags, tote bags, and contests.

Conference Programs

From cover to cover, AdBoom knows how to make the most of ad space in conference programs and dailies.

Our Approachto Exhibit Sales and Conferences

AdBoom Advertising leverages our cross-media expertise in print ad sales and digital sales to support your event. We also have extensive experience in association advertising sales and in developing new sources of non-dues revenue.

One of our priorities is creating a seamless experience for your prospects. We learn your business and your ad products, and we optimize packages for your target audience. Being part of your team empowers us to identify, acquire, and manage advertisers.

We also look beyond your conference to opportunities in your print and digital publications. AdBoom Advertising leverages relationships with conference sponsors and advertisers to grow revenue year-round from your magazine, newsletter, website, and other non-event channels.

Put us to work for you

Work with AdBoom Advertising to develop a comprehensive approach to your exhibit sales and conference sponsorships.