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Digital Ad SalesRepresentation

Improve your existing digital ad sales and launch new revenue-generating platforms. As part of ad sales representation, AdBoom Advertising extends your inventory to websites, mobile apps, digital editions, and more.

We Develop DigitalOpportunities

AdBoom Advertising has booked over $35 million in digital ad sales for clients. Our services can monetize your content in new ways and allow you to measure ROI for advertisers with greater accuracy.

Whether your organization already offers digital advertising or you are interested in converting print products into digital format, we provide the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you succeed.

Our work includes:


We help you digitize and monetize your print content.


Our team identifies cross-media opportunities with print ad sales and exhibit sales.

New Formats

We improve advertiser ROI by implementing rich media like video ads and digital bellybands.


AdBoom recommends and implements ad models, including CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA.

Network Coordination

We negotiate contracts to get the most for your unused ad impressions.

Ad Serving Management

Let us oversee day-to-day scheduling, rotations, quality control, delivery, reporting, and analysis for digital ad sales.


AdBoom’s ad sales marketing helps your organization reach a new audience of prospects.http:


We create your most important sales tools with media kit and marketing collateral design.

AdBoom educates your advertisers on the synergies between print and digital advertising through ad sales representation. Managing both media allows us to introduce advertisers to new products and to increase their ad buys.

Digital Ad Salesand Ad Serving

Earn significantly more digital revenue than with a third-party ad network. AdBoom Advertising handles hosting and display for your digital ads with IAB-compliant, industry-standard tools capable of billions of monthly impressions.

Through this service:

  • We can target campaigns geographically and by time, browser, and domain.
  • AdBoom can filter or cap campaigns in many different ways.
  • We are able to launch and update digital ad sales campaigns quickly.
  • Our web-based systems let your organization and advertisers review results in real time.

See how AdBoom Advertising drives revenue with digital ad sales.