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Ad Sales Consulting Services

The ad sales consulting package is designed for publishers and associations that are ramping up their in-house program, want targeted advertising sales leads, and are ready to boost their earnings.

Flat-Fee Access to Ad Sales Solutions

AdBoom Advertising’s consulting package brings together our biggest revenue-driving resources for organizations that manage their ad sales in-house. For a flat fee, we offer some of the same solutions that we provide to ad sales representation clients, including advertising sales leads.

Does your organization already have $500K+ in yearly ad sales revenue?

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Industry and Competitive Analysis

AdBoom Advertising evaluates your organization’s position in its industry as well as its top two ad sales competitors. We provide a report characterizing your competitor’s audiences, circulation, metrics, conference attendance, and ad products, as well as the areas that your ad sales program should target.

Ideal for:

Organizations in competitive industries or that have experienced slipping sales.

Ad Product Assessment

Identify and improve underutilized assets. AdBoom Advertising recommends changes to five of your organization’s ad units, including pricing model, design, content, circulation, and frequency. Our ad sales consulting work aligns your assets with advertiser needs.

Ideal for:

Organizations seeking to optimize their existing assets.

Advertising Sales Leads

Based on the criteria you define, AdBoom Advertising sources up to 500 prospective advertiser contacts for your organization. Information for advertising sales leads can include first and last name, company, job title, mailing and email address, telephone number, and other data.

Ideal for:

Organizations that want to expand their outreach to prospective advertisers.

Sales and Marketing Plan

AdBoom Advertising produces a marketing plan targeting decision-makers at prospective advertisers. Depending on your goals and resources, the plan may include a yearly marketing calendar, email marketing campaign targets and messaging, paid advertising, and other approaches.

Ideal for:

Organizations interested in formalizing their ad sales outreach, investing resources in the right places, and getting more from their efforts.

Other Options To Consider

Marketing Collateral

As part of our ad sales consulting services, AdBoom Advertising creates marketing collateral to engage your prospects and to convert them into buyers. Our production team can produce a variety of marketing pieces depending on your organization’s needs, including one-sheets, mailers, media kits, and e-mail campaigns.

Ideal for:

Organizations that want to get their ad sales opportunities in front of prospects more effectively and more frequently.

Ad Network Negotiation

Unsold ad space is a lost opportunity for your organization. Based on our years of experience, AdBoom Advertising can coordinate with digital ad networks to monetize unused inventory. With your consulting package, we will negotiate contracts with these networks with a goal of increasing overall revenue.

Ideal for:

Organizations that want to convert unsold ad space into earnings.

Sales Reporting Resources

As your organization grows, the ad sales process may increase in complexity. By formalizing your reporting process, you can properly account for advertiser creative, invoicing, and payment. AdBoom Advertising offers templates, customizable to each client, covering every step in production and reporting.

Ideal for:

Organizations that want to get control over mounting paperwork and processes.

Other Ad Sales Consulting Services

AdBoom Advertising has spent years helping publishers and associations optimize the performance of their ad sales programs. Let us know your goals, and we can tailor a package to your organization’s needs.

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