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Ad Sales Representation

Explore. Identify. Acquire. Monetize.
AdBoom Advertising manages end-to-end ad sales for publishers and associations.

Unleash Your Advertising Program'sPotential

Ad sales are a key component to funding your operations. However, you may have underutilized ad space, unsold placements in existing publications, or undiscovered digital and print sources waiting to be monetized.

Publishers and associations come to AdBoom Advertising because:

  • Their current ad sales agency is underperforming.
  • Their growing organization needs to replace its in-house program.

The success of our ad sales representation is proven. On a yearly average, we help clients achieve $750,000 in new revenue and 25 new advertisers.

Ad Sales RepresentationServices

AdBoom Advertising represents publishers and associations that have more than $500K in yearly ad revenue. We offer the following solutions:

Organizations with less than $500K in yearly ad revenue may wish to explore our suite of consulting services.

How AdBoom's Ad Sales Representation Works

AdBoom conducts an in-depth study of your brand, points of differentiation, and advertising offerings.

AdBoom’s ad sales representation team identifies the key audiences your program should target.

Our experts research audiences, circulation, digital metrics, ad products, and conferences.

We recommend and implement changes to ad units, pricing, design, content, circulation, and frequency.

We employ tactics to support sales outreach such as email marketing, conference representation, and the cultivation of agency relationships.

AdBoom develops relationships with advertisers and agencies: tailoring opportunities, making pitches, and closing sales.

We handle collection of ad creative for clients; digital ad serving; and sales summaries, invoicing, and billing for advertisers.

AdBoom meets with your organization regularly to review our performance and goals, ensuring that we are succeeding on your behalf

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