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Print Ad Sales Representation

Increase the revenue and reach for your advertising products. With print ad sales representation, AdBoom develops new prospects into paying advertisers, grows earnings per ad, and offers end-to-end management of your sales process.

Identify. Acquire. Monetize.

Since 2006, AdBoom Advertising has generated over $25M through print ad sales representation. Rely on our years of experience, our track record of success, and our ability to sell across platforms.

AdBoom can support you with:


including belly bands, cover wraps, gatefolds, and inserts


including special print editions

Print Ad Sales

for conference-related products


for print and digital ad sales

Print Ad Sales Representation Our Process

Every organization has unique needs, goals, and print products, and so AdBoom tailors our strategy to each client engagement. Here’s an idea of how we work.

Creating a seamless experience. It’s important for your prospects to think of us as part of your team. AdBoom Advertising learns your business and ad products, and we find ways to support your existing staff.

Targeting advertisers. As part of print ad sales, we review your existing advertisers to identify opportunities for increasing revenue. We also utilize AdBoom’s in-house resources for prospect research: leading advertising and agency databases that give us access to thousands of potential advertisers.

Closing deals. Our experienced sales team presents your ad products to prospects. We explore multiplatform and multimedia opportunities, and we use competitive intelligence data to show advertisers the value of your ad products.

Presenting the results. AdBoom Advertising provides you with ongoing reporting and analysis of our performance. You can immediately see the impact of our work.

Additional Services for Print Ad Sales

Our ad sales support and consulting work includes…


We help you digitize and monetize your print content.


AdBoom Advertising can lead your website design and development, social media, paid advertising, and email marketing.

Pricing review

AdBoom Advertising can help you establish rates and find the right pricing model for your ad products.

Creative trafficking

We manage creative materials for your advertisers, delivering them to you in an organized and timely fashion.

Sales / media kit design

AdBoom can deliver a stellar sales kit showcasing the value of your advertising.

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