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Ad SalesManagement

With Ad Sales Representation by AdBoom Advertising, your organization can focus on its core services and rely on us to generate revenue.

Ad Serving and Network Coordination

AdBoom Advertising handles the details of digital ad serving. This includes scheduling, rotation, quality control, delivery, reporting, and analysis.

Have unsold ad space? As part of our work in ad sales management, we coordinate with advertising networks to monetize this inventory. Our team negotiates contracts and revenue to get the most for your unused impressions.

Trafficking and Billing

AdBoom Advertising collects and tracks the creative materials that your advertisers provide. We deliver these materials in an organized format for your publications, streamlining the entire process. To support billing:

  • We create templates that include ad locations, sizes, specs, and costs.
  • AdBoom Advertising invoices your advertisers for ad products sold.
  • We take payments through a variety of means, such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, check, and bank wire. We provide regular reports so that your organization always knows that bills are paid.

Sales Reporting

AdBoom meets with your organization regularly to review our performance and goals. A transparent and engaged approach ensures that you see how we are succeeding on your behalf.

Learn How We Can Support Your Work with Ad Sales Management