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Ad Sales Marketing

As part of ad sales representation, AdBoom helps you reach more prospects by raising the profile of your organization. Our tactics attract advertisers and revenue for your publications and events.

Advertiseto Advertisers

AdBoom isn’t content to cold call. Instead, we connect with prospects in meaningful ways that lead to results for your organization.

AdBoom combines the relationships we have developed and the extensive prospect research we conduct with effective ad sales marketing. The comprehensive strategic plans we create help drive growth in both print and digital.

Our Ad Sales MarketingTactics

AdBoom employs a range of tactics to engage prospects and increase the visibility of your ad program.


In-Person Meetings / Outbound Calls

On an ongoing basis, AdBoom conducts phone calls, email follow-ups, and conference calls to leads we develop. We also visit your top advertisers in person to further these relationships and increase their buy.

Email Marketing

Our ongoing campaigns to large prospect lists are a fast and efficient way to reach your advertiser audience. AdBoom provides campaign targeting, design, launch, and management.

Marketing Collateral

As part of ad sales representation, AdBoom creates the marketing collateral that captures the attention of advertisers. Our production team develops sales one-sheets, mailers, media kits, and e-mail campaigns, among other collateral.

Cultivation of Agency Relationships

We maintain ongoing relationships with the advertising agencies that represent brands and businesses. This allows us to bypass gatekeepers and reach decision-makers.

Conference Representation

Our advertising sales representatives attend conferences held by our clients, the industry, and client competitors. We use these opportunities to meet face-to-face with current and potential advertisers. We also obtain exhibitor lists for all competitor conferences.

Association Membership

Our ad sales marketing team joins the organizations to which your best prospects belong. Our involvement in these associations gives us access to new sources of potential revenue.

Interested in reaching a wider audience of advertisers?

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