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Ad Sales Management

Administering an advertising sales program requires a significant investment in infrastructure, software, and employees.

With AdBoom’s ad sales management, your organization can focus on its core services and rely on us to generate revenue.

Ad Sales Management, Training, and Recruiting

AdBoom’s experienced team supports and trains your internal sales staff to drive higher revenue. We provide guidance on all aspects of selling your organization’s ad products.

Interested in growing your internal sales team? We work with you to create a job profile that attracts qualified candidates. Then, AdBoom helps you to identify the best people for your organization.

Digital-Mobile-App Migration

Whether you are migrating from print magazine to a mobile website or you are interested in creating a native mobile application, AdBoom Advertising can help.

We walk you through the process of going digital, including how to monetize and sell digital ad space. We can also support you in creating your digital content with our ad sales marketing services.

Sales Reporting, Invoicing, and Billing

Ad sales management is essential to tracking your organization’s revenue and ensuring that you have cash-on-hand when you expect it. AdBoom Advertising supports this process in several ways:

  • We create templates that organize the sales reporting process, including ad locations, sizes, specs, costs, and which rep is responsible.
  • AdBoom Advertising invoices your advertisers for ad products sold, either by your staff or through our ad sales representation.
  • We take payments from advertisers. AdBoom accepts VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, checks, and bank wires. We provide regular reports so that you always know that bills are paid.

Ad Trafficking, Serving, and Network Coordination

AdBoom makes it easier for your team to oversee ad placements by handling the details:

  • We collect and track the creative materials your advertisers provide and deliver them in an organized format for your publications.
  • AdBoom Advertising manages your digital ad serving. We oversee scheduling, rotations, quality control, ad delivery, reporting, and analysis.
  • Do you have unsold ad space? Let us coordinate with ad networks to monetize this inventory. We negotiate contracts and revenue to get the most for your unused impressions.

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