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The Benefits of Outsourced Advertising Sales: Part I!

Is it more cost effective to bring in an outsourced advertising sales team or sell ads in-house? If advertising sales is a part of your association’s non-dues or your business revenue generation strategy, perhaps you’ve asked yourself that question.

Ad Sales and the revenue earned outside of membership dues is the lifeblood of most organizations, particularly professional associations. To truly be beneficial as a revenue generator, an advertising sales program must increase sales while at the same time decreasing (or at the very least not significantly increasing) cost.

Research has shown that outsourced lead generation provides 43% better results than in-house. Associations and industries vary, but for most organizations weighing this decision, it should ultimately come down to three things:

  • Can we do this better than someone who specializes in this?
  • Do we have enough staff to focus solely on this area?
  • Do we have the resources to do this effectively?

The addition of an outsourced sales team will:

  • Increase manpower without increasing budget
  • Save time
  • Save money

Check out Part II of this blog next week to get more details on how outsourcing ad sales can help your company!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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