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The Crimson Tide Guide to Ad Sales Success!

Coaching a football team is a lot like leading an ad sales team.  Football season has us thinking about how the fundamentals that championship teams use also align with successful ad sales teams.  Ad sales, or any sales for that matter, is by nature very competitive.  So why do some sales teams operate like a solo sport, with one salesperson attempting to convert a marketing or procurement team?

Consider some zone defense here.  There are some awesome quarterbacks out there, but it’s the rare one that can take on an entire team alone.  Successful teams are ones that work and collaborate well together.  In smaller companies where staff is limited, the “divide and conquer” strategy may seem optimal.  However, give the team method a try and assess the results.  See if your ad sales are impacted. We’re certain you’ll see the benefits extend beyond just sales:

  • Builds rapport and relationships: Some companies use incentives and competitions to increase sales. They can be an effective way to increase sales; however, they can also create division amongst team members.  Employ this occasionally or create team incentives when sales goals are reached.
  • They can teach and learn from each other: Every sales team has a superstar and one that could benefit from more coaching. Pair them together.  The less skilled salesperson will definitely benefit from the mentorship.  The more skilled salesperson will also be invested in their success. Consider also teaming people with different sales specialties or styles and allow them to show each other what methods work for them.
  • They encourage each other: Sales teams create support systems that can build team member confidence. It takes the pressure off of one person and makes selling a shared, more enjoyable experience.  It’s also less likely that important points and features will be missed when selling to big clients.

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