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Meet these 4 Needs, Clinch Ad Sales!

In last month’s tip we talked about how to assess a client’s product needs.  Every client is different.  They come from different industries, company cultures, and geographic locations.  Company size and budgets all vary across the board.  However when it comes to a prospective client’s needs, they can generally all be lumped into at least one of four categories: short-term needs, long term needs, perceived needs, and unrecognized needs.  Understanding how their specific needs fit into one of the categories allows us as the ad seller to provide clients with the most effective products for reaching their goals.  We have provided suggestions to meet all of these needs, take a look!

  • Immediate needs: What do they need right now, in the short term? Perhaps they have a conference and they need exhibitors or advertisers for the website or publication.  Maybe you can offer them a seasonal sales promotion for a limited time.  What can you do for them right now, today?
  • Long-term needs: These are less urgent, but still ongoing needs. How does your product help them stay top of mind with current and prospective customers, particularly if it’s seasonal?  How will it help them stay competitive and generate recurring revenue?  How is it relieving those pain points we found in the needs analysis?  How is it positioning them for the future?
  • Perceived Needs: How is the prospect currently perceived in the market? How would they like to be perceived?  Find ad options that fit into that desired perception.  Simple ad choices like opting for digital over print can make a seemingly old fashioned company appear more current. Consider featuring real client testimonials, referrals and reviews to add credibility.
  • Unrecognized Needs: This is where understanding the client industry really comes in handy. What are the needs or threats they don’t know they have?  Technological advances, new competition, new products, or changing customer tastes could all be potentially harmful to your client.  Think ahead and show how your product helps prepare them for the future.
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