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Ad Sales that Scare Customers Away!

Tis the season to be scary, but not in your ad sales pitches.  Good prospects are often turned off by salespeople who exhibit frightening practices.  Sellers that are too pushy, inattentive, or even downright mean can be pretty terrifying.  So be careful because these mistakes can come back to haunt you.  Here are some sales tactics that scare customers away, hopefully none of these sound familiar!

  • Becoming a Ghost – Do you pull a disappearing act the minute your prospect becomes a customer? If so, you are a ghost.  Customers expect you to be available to them even after you’ve received the contract.  Maintain good relationships with your customers by checking in and following up.  Make sure they are happy.  This increases their likelihood of renewing and providing referrals.
  • Transforming Into a Vampire – Vampires are the opposite of ghosts. Vampires get too close and ultimately suck the life out of prospects.  It is important to always stay professional.  Engage and be involved, but with professional distance.  Persistence is good in sales, stalking is not.
  • Becoming a Bat – Bats are blind and so are salespeople who don’t prepare. Do not come into sales pitches without thoroughly researching the prospect’s needs, knowing their business, and maintaining awareness of current issues in their industry.  Use this information to create relevant pitches.
  • Being A Witch – Witches cast spells on people. So do salespeople. They attract customers, or cast spells on them, by making unrealistic promises.  This approach never ends well.  You will either overextend yourself or disappoint the customer.  Make promises you can keep.
  • Turning into a Werewolf – Werewolves change from nice to evil and so do some salespeople. Rejection is a big part of being in sales. Don’t take it personally and definitely don’t take it out on the customer.  Remain professional and maybe they will need you in the future.

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