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Ad Sales Tip #1: Introduce to Impress!

In sales, perhaps more than any profession, first impressions can make or break your potential to get your desired outcome. A client’s initial reaction to seemingly minor things, like your body language, can peak their interest or scare them off. It can build your credibility or make you come off as sleazy and untrustworthy during your ad sales presentations. It can get you closer to earning your next ad sales client or closer to the front door.

Here are a few of our suggestions for making introductions that impress:

  • Show the gatekeeper some love: The receptionist or assistant to the decision maker wields power often underestimated with regards to getting you access. They also have company information helpful in breaking the ice—so be nice and make friends.
  • Show your style: While opinions differ on whether clothes make the man, they are definitely among the first things people notice about you. Our suggestion is to tailor your apparel to fit the client and/or the product you’re representing.
  • Show some teeth: Be enthusiastic. If you know the product and are not excited about the possibilities, how do you expect prospects that are unfamiliar with it to be? No need to be over the top, but smile and don’t speak too fast, too slow, or in a monotone voice.
  • Show them what you know: We can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared. Learn about the prospects. At minimum know what they do and who they do it for. Understanding their pain points, competitors, and needs can go a long way in building credibility
  • Show some personality: Infuse a bit of company culture in your introductions. Perhaps with a gift or something unique to your brand. This makes you memorable and is also beneficial if the client is not looking to buy now, but may consider someone later.

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