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Strategies for Overcoming Common Sales Objections!

Sales objections

As usual Zig Ziglar got it right. There are really only five basic reasons your prospects aren’t buying print or digital ads: need, money, hurry, desire, and trust. If you don’t land a sale, you have not successfully overcome one of these common concerns.

Can your ad sales team effectively counter each of these sales objections? Great comebacks won’t win them all, but refined lead generation and qualification can filter out the best ad sales prospects and increase results for your efforts.

Know your ideal client and tailor responses and marketing to them. Here are some strategy suggestions for overcoming basic sales objections:

  • Need: When money is tight, typically the marketing and advertising budget is the first to be cut as nonessential. Your strategy is to convince them your product builds brand awareness, which builds sales. Show them case studies and testimonies of clients who’ve seen results and growth through your product.
  • Money: Lead qualifying is key here. Target clients that can afford your marketing services. Convince them money spent is an investment and offer examples of ROI you’ve generated for others. Offer incentives or value-add to make it more desirable.
  • Hurry: Learn the busiest seasons for their products and target ad sales during that time. Also consider limited time incentives and promotions to speed up the sales cycle.
  • Desire: Brands are different, but the desire to grow revenue is universal— whether it is through more web traffic, feet in the door, calls, etc. Before you pitch them, figure out what they want and craft a package that will get it for them.
  • Trust: Credibility is important here. Be honest and fair in your transactions. Also monitor your reputation online for negative reviews. Circulate positive written and video testimonies via your marketing channels, social media, and on your website.

Igniting ad-sales growth.

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