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Avoiding Ad Sales Rep Burnout!

At AdBoom Advertising, each ad sales rep involved with your account has years of experience, access to our systems and resources, and the support of an entire team of professionals. We work together on your behalf, from marketing and administration to selling ad space with SEO and PPC.

One of the ways we help ensure quality performance is to take good care of our staff. If you worked with an independent ad sales rep before hiring AdBoom, you are likely familiar with their approach. Effective professionals are…

  • High energy. They work at a fast and consistent pace: prospecting, cold-calling, mail-merging, and presenting to potential clients.
  • Accessible. Their goal is to be negotiating and closing deals all of the time. This means that they are likely on-call for you and for the advertisers you are trying to reach.
  • Accountable. You may judge an independent ad sales rep by a sales quota, which can mean the difference between keeping your business and losing your trust.

Some ad sales reps and ad sales agencies overlook the problems of burnout. It’s not only declining sales… although that’s one important issue (When was the last time you were happy buying something from a grumpy, tired salesperson?)

Burnout can cause both a decline in sales achievements and a large turnover in staff. Missed deadlines, unreturned calls, and mistakes in ad buys can also cause problems with your advertisers.

At AdBoom, our ad sales rep team supports one another so that no one person is responsible for every task related to your account. We also encourage our staff to take basic measures to avoid burnout:

  • Because we use a team approach, our sales reps stay at peak performance. It’s okay for our staff to step away from the desk because they are not the sole parties responsible for the success of an account.
  • We provide resources that make work more efficient. AdBoom Advertising invests in systems and databases that limit busywork that can occupy many independent ad sales reps. It also helps us target the right advertisers and streamline the management of your ad products.
  • A focus on long-term value. AdBoom Advertising is about relationship development. We want advertisers to purchase your ad space for years to come. This means making every meeting and communication an engaging and positive experience. A sell-sell-sell attitude alone undermines this approach.

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