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Selling Ad Space with SEO and PPC: How Companies Leverage Search Engines to Reach Advertisers!

Clients rely on AdBoom Advertising for its experience in selling ad space. We learn their ad products, identify the right prospects, and close deals to help them generate revenue. Our team approach offers benefits to the traditional independent sales rep model.

Over time, however, more and more companies have turned to us for outside-the-box marketing and consulting services to improve their ad programs. We’re happy to oblige.

Raising Your Company’s Profile in Search Engines

Two important aspects of selling ad space are:

  1. Capturing the attention of potential advertisers.
  2. Demonstrating the value of your ad space.

We help companies achieve both with our search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) services.

When you enter terms into search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, they use mathematical algorithms to return the most relevant results. SEO is the process of naturally improving your website’s rank within these results. SEO can influence whether you are found immediately on the first page of search results or relegated to the far reaches of rankings, never to be found by searchers.

PPC allows you to display advertisements for your website within these results. You likely see these ads regularly, whether it’s highlighted results at the top of a Google search or sidebar advertisements in Bing results. Recent research shows that searchers who are ready-to-buy tend to click PPC ads more than organic results 64% of the time.

Connecting with Advertisers

When it comes to selling ad space, both SEO and PPC can help advertisers find you.

AdBoom Advertising works with clients to define an SEO or PPC strategy that targets specific terms and concepts. These connect with the needs of advertisers. Whether companies are actively seeking publications for ad buys or they are conducting searches as part of their daily work, our services target the prospects you want and help get their attention.

An investment in SEO and PPC has other important benefits as well. It can help increase the size of the audience you serve, whether it’s customers, members, or conference attendees. Growing website traffic directly translates into more valuable ad space—and higher revenue from advertisers.

To learn more about SEO and PPC in selling ad space, get in touch with AdBoom.

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