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Extinguishing Sales Burnout!

Feeling burned out yet?  We can’t blame you.  Ad sales, or any sales for that matter, can be high-pressure and fast-paced.  You’re always prospecting, cold-calling, mail-merging, presenting to would-be clients, negotiating and (hopefully) closing deals.  And that was all before lunch time.  Plus with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop you’re always accessible, which means you can still work even when you’re not at work.  And, oh yeah there is that sales quota you have to make, but no pressure.  So, it’s easy to understand how a salesperson eventually becomes tapped out.  Energy and enthusiasm is key in ad sales. (Seriously, when was the last time a mean, grumpy person managed to successfully sell you anything?).  For sales managers, if you have noticed a decline in team members reaching sales goals or perhaps have experienced a large turnover in staff, burnout could be your team’s problem.  Burnout kills productivity and can have a serious impact on overall sales performance and employee retention.

Countering sales burnout is a win-win for everyone; salespeople get rejuvenated and can contribute better results.  Sales managers get to reap the benefits of better numbers and more pleasant team members.  Here are some suggestions to try with your sales team:

  • Step away from the desk: Take breaks. Take a lunch break, stop eating at your desk. Most of all take a vacation, even if it’s just a few days at home clearing out the shows on your DVR. A change of scenery provides fresh inspiration and refreshes you overall.
  • Get plenty of rest: Get a full night’s sleep as often as you can. It can work wonders. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel and that will show in your work.
  • Know when to say no: You won’t be able to do everything…and that’s alright. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t feel guilty about saying no sometimes. It’s ok.

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