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Sell Ads Better by Tidying Up Those Databases!

AdBoom Advertising can utilize your in-house database of leads to sell ads for your publications. We add this resource to the other systems in which we’ve invested: up-to-date competitive intelligence, prospecting data, decision-makers for advertising agencies and businesses, and more.

Whether we are maintaining your systems or you continue to oversee them, these databases can become divas. They need attention, care, and upkeep because…

  • Contacts change. People leave their jobs, companies move locations, and businesses shut their doors.
  • Systems fall out of date. Software requirements may call for security upgrades or patches.
  • Internal processes change. The information you decide to track and the people who become responsible for managing it may alter as your organization’s priorities shift.

If you aren’t working with an ad sales agency like AdBoom and you sell ads in-house, the job of managing this database likely falls to your ad sales reps. It’s a good idea for them to clean these databases at least once per quarter. This can be a time-consuming project if you have a massive client database, but the investment will keep reps more efficient throughout the interim.

  • Fewer emails will go into the digital black hole.
  • Direct marketing materials won’t go to the wrong person or location.
  • Reps who are trying to sell ads won’t be waiting for return calls from old contacts.

When we work with clients at AdBoom, we help them to:

  • Segment their lists. We group by lead source, client / prospect, and time since last outreach.
  • Connect with contacts. Often, this is as simple as verifying their details during email correspondence or calls to sell ads.
  • Manage their CRM. Most email client programs offers features which allow you to see what emails are not being delivered. Starting with this list helps narrow down faulty leads.
  • De-dupe: Duplicate contacts should be removed, and if a contact has multiple numbers or job titles, we recommend reaching out to identify the most recent information.

We focus on these systems because they support everything we do, from targeting prospects to sell ads to account management, billing, and invoicing. To learn more about our work, get in touch.

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