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Is Your Advertising Representative Thinking Long-Term?!

During an early season episode of Mad Men, John Slattery’s character, Roger Sterling, offered this advice about business: “I don’t know if anybody’s ever told you that half the time, this business comes down to ‘I don’t like that guy.'” The same wisdom applies to your advertising representative’s approach to prospective ad sales.

Part of AdBoom Advertising’s work in advertising sales representation is to show why your ad products have greater value and offer greater opportunity. Often, however, the differentiating factor that helps companies sell ads better is the relationship between the advertising representative and the prospects. Top-performing salespeople understand the difference between selling transactions and selling relationships:

  • Transaction sellers think in terms of one-time deals with your prospects. Relationship sellers look for ways to create long-term value for your organization.
  • Transaction sellers focus primarily on getting the next advertiser. Relationship sellers balance prospecting with managing their existing relationships.
  • Transaction sellers will sell to any prospect that is willing to buy. Relationship sellers are more selective and understand not all companies are the right fit.

It comes down to a sense of responsibility: an advertising representative who has the best interests of clients and advertisers in mind. It’s hard to like someone who cares more about what he / she can get from you than what he / she can do for you. At AdBoom Advertising, each advertising representative focuses on the long-term relationship. We prospect, generate leads, and pitch deals to create lasting value and to retain advertisers for our clients. It’s the type of thinking that goes beyond selling leaderboards and skyscrapers to selling partnerships. Learn more about our work. Explore AdBoom’s ad sales representation and ad sales support and consulting services.

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