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Tips from Dad for Being a Better Ad Seller!

Fathers teach us a lot as we grow up. We’ve found that the same life lessons we learn from Dad can actually be quite useful when it comes to our work as an ad seller.

Look out for the best interest of our clients and advertisers. We think it’s essential to consider the real value that we are creating. In a previous post (“Is Your Advertising Representative Thinking Long-Term?”), we talked about thinking strategically and not just transactionally. Just like Dad looked out for us, we think it’s our responsibility to look beyond the short-term win.

Pay attention to what clients need. Time, attention, and incisiveness build solutions that provide value. Your ad seller should be investing the time it takes to research and learn your organization and industry. He / she should know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and should apply this knowledge to helping you achieve your goals.

Protect clients from harm. It’s important to know who you can rely on. As an ad seller, we may dissuade clients from taking steps that could decrease the value of their ad products or take their platform to a media that isn’t a fit for their needs. Our advice helps clients avoid costly mistakes.

Offer tough love when necessary. The right type of Dad is honest when we need to hear it. AdBoom takes the same approach in working with clients. Our aim is to present options, make recommendations based on our knowledge and best practices, and to offer solutions that will steer them to success.

Thanks, Dad. We won’t let you down.

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