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Selling Advertising through Video Conferences!

AdBoom is an advertising sales agency. When we’re pitching opportunities to prospects on behalf of clients, we prefer to be in person. This isn’t always possible due to circumstances or budget, however.

As a result, we’ve developed different resources to connect effectively with prospects even when we’re not in the same room. A big part of our work selling advertising remotely is video conference software.

AdBoom uses video conference tools for product demonstrations, tutorials, sales presentations, and remote meetings with team members and clients. Whether the other party is across the country or across the world, we can manage an effective ad sales program.


When AdBoom is selling advertising products through video discussions, we hold these conversations in a space that removes distractions, such as our conference room. Environmental noise, background movement, and people walking in and out of frame accentuate distance, so limiting these factors makes conversations more personal.

We also invest in high-quality web cameras and microphones, though phone lines can work just as well as the latter. Newer equipment limits lag in conversations and helps meetings stay real-time. It’s worth buying the right communications hardware to shrink the distance.


Selling advertising shouldn’t require an advanced degree in software development. Your video conference solution should be simple to use so that conversations begin and end without problems.

That’s not to say the software is limited. At AdBoom, we use robust, feature-rich web conferencing services that include HD video, white board capability, and recording features.

Here are a few of our favorite:

GoToMeeting: Citrix’s web conferencing solution boasts a very easy-to-use interface. It is browser-based, requires no downloads, and has its own iPad app. This option is great for the beginner ad seller.

WebEx: Cisco’s solution offers additional functionality for selling advertising. It has the capability of joining 25 meeting attendees on a basic plan while GoToMeeting maxes out at 15 A free option, is simple to use and allows you to share your screen with anyone online. A paid version connects up to 250 meeting participants and provides recording, annotation, and branding.

Skype: This free, popular video conferencing option also allows secure file transferring.

Google Hangouts: Hangouts is integrated with the Google+ social network and requires a Google account. It’s a lightweight solution that allows for jumping in and out of video conversations.

To learn more about selling advertising and how we work with clients and prospects, contact AdBoom Advertising at 1-800-940-3379.

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